I can provide a comprehensive list of services. In fact, I currently perform many different tasks for my current clients. For many of my clients I am a one man part time IT department. For others I run just their website or a specific server.

Web Development:

I can develop your Internet or Intranet applications using your database or one I construct for you. These can be simple static web sites, SilverLight based graphic sites or complex database driven sites.

Server Configuration and Maintenance:

I can help you install and configure your server.

Custom Windows Software:

I have written many Windows based applications. I can write your software to your specifications and it is yours. Resell it, give it away, whatever. You paid for it. One of my applications was featured in one of PC Novice Magazine's "Best of the Web" issues. Another was chosen Computer Telephony Magazine's "Editor's Choice".

Database Creation and Conversion:

I can create custom databases to efficiently store your data with maximum flexibility. I can also assist in converting your old data into your new database.

Open Source Software Installation:

I can install any Open Source product for you. I'm very familiar with SugarCRM and most of the Open Source content management systems. 

Merchant Account Integration:

I have integrated web sites and Windows applications to many credit card and check processors. I have also used card swipe and check scanning hardware in both web based and Windows applications.